30 Day Challenge, Day 4

Part the first: The meaning behind your Tunblr blog name.

Trinalo is a nickname given to me by my lovely friend Brenna. People close to me sometimes call me ‘trina, and the -lo suffix was added by her. We were all Los- Brennalo, Taralo, Katralo, Trinalo. And it stuck.

Edit: Ah, except! I actually figured out a name for the blog, instead of just a url. “Fearlessly, Myself” comes from the quote in my header and is also a signoff that I’ve used in the past to end blog entries.

Part the second: Your favorite photograph of your best friend.

I’m going to cheat and post more than one.

This is me (obviously) with my bestie Kate. We first met in 5th grade I think, and became friends over the course of a couple years. In 8th grade we had homeroom together, and that was that. Eventually we went to the same college and lived together for those four years. We were and are an unstoppable force. Now we only live about a mile apart and see eachother on the reg. I loff her like a sister, which is awesome because all I have are brothers.

This is a 5-year-old picture of me and Marsha. We met in Girl Scouts in 3rd grade and then in 5th grade became inseperable. For a while, we had our very own lunch table. Which is maybe not a good thing, but we had fun. She was in my wedding in August, and next month I will be in hers, which fulfills friendship-long plans. She lives several hours away which is too bad, but whenever we get a chance to see each other it’s like no time has passed.

Ah, I love my friends.



(^see what i did there?)


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