Blog Challenge, Day 7

Part 1: Do you read? What are your favorite books?

I do read, and I have a collection of much-loved books. Some favorites:

Part 2: Your dream wedding.

Funny, my wedding was exactly eight months ago today.

I wasn’t the kind of little girl who alwway dreamed about her wedding. That’s probably a good thing, because if I had built up some sort of fantasy I probably would have disappointed myself. We planned our wedding on a budget much lower than average. I absolutely love the way it turned out, but there are a couple things I would have done differently if we’d had more money to spend.

First, I would have found an indoor venue in St. Paul. We were married outdoors on Darren’s grandma’s farm in the middle of nowhere. It was beautiful, but it. was. HOT.

Second, I would have hired the most amazing photographer I could find and not care about their price. Instead we hired a friend-of-a-friend who did a wonderful job and was tons of fun to work with. Which is awesome, but it would also be nice to have some crazy-artisitc shots too.

I also would have gone all-out on my dress. I didn’t even really go dress shopping because I just didn’t have the money for the dresses I saw that I would have really loved. I found  my dress in a prom store that was perfect, but I suspect If I could have, I would have ended up in something more like this.

Then I would have hired a caterer. Well, maybe. Our taco bar/buffet was so good. Plus with a caterer we would have had to worry a lot more about getting a proper guest count which, I’m sorry to say, never did happen. I have no idea how many people were at my wedding because so few of our guests actually bothered to RSVP. So we pretty much just said “screw it,” rented a few extra tables and chairs, and we were good to go. We ended up with plenty of leftover food, too. We haven’t had to buy ground beef or taco seasoning in eight months and I don’t think we’ll have to for several more.

Anyway, the most important thing about our wedding was that we were married, and everyone had an amazing time. At the end of the day that’s all we really wanted, so I guess I did in fact get my dream wedding. And judging by the novella I just wrote, I still really enjoy talking about it.


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