Blog challenge, day 9

Pet peeves.

I have many. This probably isn’t even a complete list.

  • people coming over without calling first
  • when people call espresso “expresso”
  • when people refer to rehearsals as “play practice”
  • people who fuck with my dog. Like, when we’re walking and little kids start yelling or barking at her
  • on the bus when someone sits next to me, then doesn’t move when a row opens up
  • being able to hear other peoples’ music, either because they just listen to it loud or because they’re not using headphones at all
  • my husband or coworkers not cleaning up their messes or spills in the kitchen. To the coworker who once left a huge puddle of milk on the counter: what the hell?! Are you fucking blind or something?
  • when people try to solicit me and I’m clearly not interested in communicating with anyone. Headphones on, possibly sunglasses, possibly reading a book…
  • when shopping carts get left in the middle of the parking lot
  • when people say “supposably” instead of supposedly
  • when my husband doesn’t change out the empty toilet paper roll
  • people who don’t RSVP
  • loud neighbors
  • when people stand on and escalator and don’t leave room for people to get by them
  • people who think they can come in to my office without an appointment and actually get to meet with whoever they want to see
  • when people at the store stop their cart in the middle of  the aisle and nobody can get by
  • dudes who apparently don’t know the correct way to wear pants

A photo of the last item you purchased.

If I hadn’t gone out last night, this would be a picture of toilet paper and shaving cream.

Instead, it is a vodka tonic. Not one I bought last night, but still one I bought.


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