15 Days of dance

Oh my, this is the halfway mark of my 30 Day Blog Challenge. How exciting.

Part 1: A photo of someone you fancy at the moment.

Darren. Teehee.

Part 2: Something you don’t leave the house without.

  • Something for my lips- chapstick, lipstick, balm, whatever.
  • Keys
  • My glasses, obviously
  • Cell phone

I wish I had something else to blog about this morning, but I am without a story today. It’s payday for me which rules; unfortunately I don’t get to do anything awesome with my money (unless you think laundry and bill paying is awesome, in which case I’m sorry) because I’m going to need it for a couple adventures happening in the next few weeks.

Don’t get too excited. Adventure does not always mean vacation. If only.

So, happy Friday! It’s supposed to snow tonight and/or tomorrow, despite reaching almost 80 degrees last weekend. April in Minnesota: the biggest tease I know.


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