Got 16 Days, one for every time I’ve gone away

1. If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do with your remaining time on Earth?

I kind of hate answering this question. I think most people would have a similar answer, in that they’d spend time with the people they love. I’d try to gather all of my friends and family together – never mind how difficult that would be, considering they have families of their own – and have a campfire. We could drink delicious drinks, eat delicious food, play music and have a good time together until it was all over.

2. Your celebrity crush?

I think I covered this well enough here.

It’s been a nice lazy Saturday ’round here. Darren and I went out for Vietnamese food, then stopped by a friend’s house quick before returning home to watch The Empire Strikes Back. Hateful laundry will probably be done at some point, and I am considering baking some cookies. Maybe not. I had intended to run out to JoAnn’s in Roseville to get some yarn, but I think I’ll just put that off for a bit.

Instead, I might watch another movie and eat my leftover pho.

Exciting times here, let me tell you.


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