18 Days since I had to look at myself

1. Name the TV show you have become addicted to.

How I Met Your Mother, as referenced here.

2. Something you crave a lot.


Yesterday we took Enli to the dog park for the very first time. Unfortunately my camera’s battery was dead, so I was only able to snap a quick photo with my phone. We weren’t sure how well she would behave, but she was pretty good overall. She barely listened to us (she’s currently in the defiant teenager phase), but she played nice with the other dogs and didn’t jump on anyone.

The park is about 4.5 acres with a few different open spaces separated by lightly wooded areas and hills, with plenty of walking paths. We definitely got our exercise following her around. There were some adorable dogs, and I had my first up-close-and-personal encounter with a couple of Great Danes. They were fun to watch.

Anyway. We agreed that the dog park is going to become a regular outing. Enli needs the exercise and socializing, and it doesn’t hurt for us the get the same.


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