22 Days with you in my head

Part 1. A picture of what you wore today.

That seems like a lot of work. Taking a picture of myself, then waiting until I get home to haul out all the cords required to upload a picture from my camera. No thanks. I’ll just tell you. I’m wearing a brown sweater over a light blue tank top, with jeans and brown shoes.

Part 2. A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.

Dear Universe,

What’s with all the tragedy in the past week? Give it a rest, would you? There’s the stuff I wrote about a couple days ago, plus a shitload of car accidents or car/pedestrian accidents in just this city alone…  maybe take a nap now. Okay?

No Love,


How about a story? A ridiculous one, because I think I need it. Warning: It involves a shower. Please refrain from picturing me naked. Not that you would.

One night sometime in March I was in the shower pondering various things, like ya do, when the bathroom door opened. I had just finished shaving one leg. My husband walked in and said he had a surprise for me.

“Is it kisses?” I asked.

“No, it’s not kisses.”

I opened the curtain and he stood there with a shot glass in one hand and a lime in the other. Tequila.

I paused. “I need salt.” Oh yes I do.

He showed me a hand. “I have it. Also, this is a double. You’ll sleep well tonight.”

Oh, for the love of…

…all right, why not? I took the lime and the glass. Deep breath, lick the salt off the back of his hand, pound the shot, suck the lime. Juicy. He laughed, gave me a kiss, and let me finish my shower.

I did fall asleep a little faster.


One thought on “22 Days with you in my head

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