After 23 Days, my patience has reached it’s end

(the title here is a song lyric, not my opinion of the blog challenge).

1. A letter to someone. Anyone.

Didn’t I just do a letter? Skipping!

2. 15 Facts about you.

Let’s see if I can come up with some that aren’t already on my About page.

  • I will be 26 in eight days
  • I dyed my hair black when I was 15. My parents were not happy.
  • I have never not had a cat, although when I was in college I did not live with them
  • I had a brownie for lunch yesterday
  • There are some mornings when Nate Berkus is my reason for getting up early
  • My toenails are not currently painted
  • I am totally into the Royal Wedding hoopla
  • My biological father had his own motorcycle repair shop. It was named after me & my brother.
  • Sometimes (not super often) I wake up in the middle of the night and have to make sure I can hear my husband breathing before I go back to sleep.
  • I have to drink water, put on chapstick, and pee (even if i don’t actually need to go)  in order to feel ready for bed.
  • I really really really want new furniture for my living room
  • I tend to stay up way too late on weekends.
  • I always wear rings on both of my ring fingers, and often have an earring in just one ear
  • Sometimes when I stay up late, I bake.
  • I am sleepy.

Yeah, it’s totally 1 am. Soon I will sleep. Darren and I are planning to head to the Mall of America to use a Groupon I bought for old timey photographs. If the weather doesn’t suck we also intend to take Enli to the dog park. Speaking of, I can’t say enough good things about that place. I never thought much about off-leash dog parks until now. As long as the rules are followed, it’s pretty much the greatest thing ever. Socialization and exercise for dogs and their people– you can’t really go wrong.

Maybe I should go to bed so I can be rested for these events.



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