Iron! atomic #26

1. What are some little things that make you feel warm and fuzzy?

Kittens! Darren making me dinner. Snuggles. When my dog rests her head on my leg while she sleeps. Holding hands. Unsolicted backrubs. Cozy blankets. Pictures of my nephew. My wedding album. Hugs.

2. A photo of somewhere you’ve been.

If you just judged by photos, you’d think I’ve been many places. It’s not really true, though the places I have been are pretty awesome. My favorite? London.

Westminster Abbey. We went to church there on the Sunday of our trip. Best sermon ever.

Fact: I have a four day work-week this week, so today is Fake Wednesday. On Friday I will watch the Royal Wedding with Kate and Alex (oh yes I will), then when Darren gets off work at noon we will head north to the Motherland to help his grandparents open the “cabin.”

It’s not really a cabin. It’s a camper set up on a piece of property they own that’s part of a resort/association thing. Once it’s all opened up we’re going to spend the rest of the weekend campfire-ing and brat-and-s’mores-eating and beer-drinking. Although it’s probably going to rain. We won’t let that stop us. My mom wants to take us out to dinner on Saturday, which will be awesome. Then we will spend a chunk of my birthday on Sunday driving home, but I’m pretty sure there will be a stop for ice cream. Possibly ice cream cake. Don’t be jealous.

The downer? Gas is expensive and we have to go back up there next weekend so I can be in Marsha’s wedding. Having to make pay for  two trips is a bummer, but two short weeks and a bunch of time at the cabin will be worth it.


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