Day 27

1. A picture of your handwriting.

This is from my phone, so sorry about the quality.

Sometimes my handwriting is decent; other times I don’t care enough to try.

2. A picture of you last year and now, and how have you changed since then?

To Facebook!

Okay, here I am approximately one year ago (I stole the picture from Kate. Thanks Kate).

I can’t find any super recent pictures of me (aside from the old-timey ones, which aren’t an accurate representation. Go figure). This one is from New Year’s Eve and is another unfortunate phone pic.

Physically I am a bit thinner and my hair is shorter. I am also apparently more drunk. I am married and acquired another pet and probably have less money, even though I make more now than I did last year. Funny how that works. I also might possibly be more awesome now than I was then.

I don’t know what WordPress’ deal is today. I am not the one that turned comments off on this post. It automatically de-selected the “allow comments” option and won’t let me re-click. Fail, WordPress. Fail.

Edit: All betters. That’s what I get for using Internet Explorer. Stupid work computer…


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