They say it’s your birthday

After I got home from Kate’s Royal Wedding party on Friday I did five things: laundry, a shower, cleaned, packed, and took a very short nap. Darren got home at about 12:30 and after a quick lunch and last minute errands, we headed out.

The “cabin” is in Baxter, which is about 2 1/2 hours away. The cats got to stay at home dog-free while Enli came with us. We have an old  hand-me-down van so she gets the whole back to herself. We even took out one of the seats so she’d have more space, but she still curls up into one.

We got to Baxter at about 4:30 and discovered Darren’s grandparents there and everything already mostly finished. We didn’t expect them to be there at all so it was a nice surprise. We helped finish setup and then hopped into town for some supplies: hot dog buns and other campfire necessities, beer, and a new leash and outdoor lead for Enli so we could tie her up outside while we worked.

It was nice out during the day on Friday, but the cold settled in quickly. The grandparents went home, so Darren and I sat by the fire until it started to rain. Fortunately I had anticipated the weather, so I’d packed my laptop and some movies.

Darren had to get up early on Saturday to help set up the docks. In the rain. The dog and I stayed in bed until he finished, then we all watched another movie until the rain let up. We had another fire and got to eat our brats.

Lunch brought on nap time, followed by dinner with my mom. My parents only live about 20 minutes away from the cabin so it works out very nice. We had dinner and stopped over at her house so I could pick up a few things – a blanket my grandma made me, plus an end table and some Scentsy bars.

The wind was hellish and it was supposed to snow Saturday night, so we decided to just head back home. We packed up and headed out a little after 10 pm. Obviously we made it home safe.

Now it’s my birthday!   We had lunch at Pizza Luce and intend to spend the rest of the afternoon indoors. We picked up batteries for our Wii remotes and I hope to challenge Darren to some Mario Kart in the near future.

I have another four day work-week coming up and another trip north on Friday. I only hope the weather behave more appropriately.


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