Today marks nineteen years since my dad died.

A couple weeks ago I learned there was more to the story that either I somehow forgot, which is highly unlikely, or was kept from us (us being me and my brother). Definitely likely. Only because it doesn’t necessarily paint our deceased father in a very flattering light.

You may or may not have seen my post over on Band Back Together, which tells the first part of the “I have a dead father” story. My mom read it and commented, and when I saw her the weekend before last we got to talking.

So, when I was in about 6th grade, my grandparents (dad’s parents) were out dancing and my grandpa collapsed. He recovered after a while, but he was clinically dead for a few minutes. I forget how long. After it happened, he said that while he was gone he saw dad, and his parents, and a few pets he’d has as a child.

Well I guess what actually happened was he saw dad and they talked for a while. Dad told grandpa that grandpa couldn’t go anywhere until he heard the “whole story.” Without going into too much detail, it turns out that dad owed these people some money. These dudes out of Milwaukee. his murder wasn’t the first they’d committed, and it wouldn’t be the last. The MO was always the same: arson, and burglary shortly after. I had also forgotten that the day before dad’s funeral, three motorcycles, including his, were stolen from the garage and were never seen again.

So dad told grandpa all this, and then grandpa came to and I supposed he told grandma what had happened, and maybe they told mom, or her parents, or something.

Two weeks later, those guys from Milwaukee we caught and arrested for a string of arson/robberies.


I, uh, don’t have much else to say after that. So here’s a music video. This song always reminds me of dad. It was on the radio a lot in the year or so before he died. Rod Stewart has fabulous hair.


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