It will not steal your substance

In my seemingly endless blog-surfing, I only just today came across this gem: reinventing sandyb. Dude. Girlfriend crafts some mighty fine posts, oftentimes including delightful iPhone photos. Sometimes I want an iPhone just for the photo apps. Also I think I might possibly want to live in her house? Plus she’s adorkable. I’m just sayin’.

Anyway, my perusal of her site brought me to this entry and guys, can I just say how relieved I was to discover that this bizarro and somewhat annoying thing that I go through regularly might actually be at least a little bit normal? I mean, not that Idoubted that, shoot. Whenever I go through that “what am I doing” phase I feel 1: guilty, and 2: like I’m heading toward some kind of quarter-life crisis that I just don’t have the time or resources to deal with.

So from now on, when struck with restless soul syndrome, I vow to just figure out my own best methods of coping with it. I may not be able to go on those crazy international adventures that I crave, but I’m thinking I can come up with something.


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