Mid-Year Resolutions

First, an item of note:

You may have noticed the little linky at the top of the page that says “101 in 1,001.” It’s a list that I’ve been happily making headway on without so much as a peep anywhere. But I assure you, I am making progress on that sucker.

Yesterday I checked off item number 61: Bake bread. It only took me this long because I didn’t count the may loaves of banana bread I’ve made. I wanted the yeast and the kneading and the towel-covered bowl of rising dough.

I found the easiest bread recipe ever and, you know, made it. And it is so good! The crust is all crunchy and wonderful while the inside is super soft. I think next time I’m going to make it garlic bread.

This leads me to the actual point of this post. I was all satisfied with myself for making this bread, and it was so cheap and delicious, so I made mid-year resolution number one: Bake bread. Maybe once a week, maybe less, but I’d like to keep fresh bread around as often as possible.

Later in the day I purged my closet and felt awesome about it. Thing is, this was not my first closet clean-out. You’d think after all the clothing swaps and Goodwill donations, I’d only be left with clothes I love. Not so! I have this habit of buying something just because it’s inexpensive and good enough. Mostly it left me with uncomfortable sweaters and shoes. I also had a few items that were too big because I rush my way through the process of trying things on. Oops. Although this means that at next weekend’s clothing swap, some lucky lady might just walk away with some really great, high-quality pants that are basically new (Damn you, Macy’s card!).

With that, mid-year resolution number two is to only buy clothes that I really, truly like. That also fit and look good. The one exception so far being a skirt I just bought on eBay that looks awesome online, but who knows how it’ll go once I get it home and put it on. We’ll see.

The same resolution applies to home decor. Buy something because we like it, not because it fits into some idea we have of what our home should look like (I keep saying we, but I kind of mean me. Darren has given me almost free-reign of the decorating because he always likes my results. He’ll be consulted when the time comes for big-ticket items. This girl wants a new couch like whoa).

Now that I’ve just written that unnecessarily long parenthetical, I suppose I should end this. Baxter out.


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