You get a good job with good pay and you’re okay

First, someone on Callboard linked to this post from Runner’s World today and it felt extremely appropriate. Not just for me, but all the people in this city (and country, holy crap) dealing with tornado aftermath in the mist of whatever else is going on in their lives.

Second, I need to confess something. I’m normally pretty decent at money management but sometimes I make mistakes. Darren sucks at the management part but is good about actually watching our bank account. Sometime in the last couple weeks we went overboard and now we have no spending money left for the next few days until I get paid. I mean, we have enough for the dog food and toilet paper that needs to be purchased today, but y’know. But even after payday it’s going to be tight because, y’know, rent and stuff, plus D doesn’t get paid until the week after.

So! I’m going to [try very hard to] completely avoid spending any extra money for at least the month of June. June is going to be the test month, with it’s lack of holidays and no current plans. I’m not going to buy myself lunches or new lipstick or nail polish or clearance shirts from Target (okay… maybe no promises on that last one, but only if they’re under $7). I’m not going to let Darren talk me into dinners out. Expensive nights at the bar will become a bottle of something from the liquor store. And when we go to the store for dog food, we’re not going to walk out with dog food plus deli wraps plus a couple bags of chips.

Seriously. After June we can assess, and make a permanent plan from there. If we want to build up our savings and pay off debt (Suze Orman says you should pay off student loan debt first, Dave Ramsey says you should start with the smallest and work your way up. I think I’mma go his route), eventually replace our car and one day buy a friggin’ house, we need to actually take the necessary steps in doing so. Go effing figure. Bonus: we happen to be meeting with a financial planner on Saturday.

I think now that I’ve put this all out there, I can pretend I have an adoring public holding me accountable. I keep saying me, but I mean us. Team Baxter.

Whew. After all that, I do have one more item of note. Thanks to Kate, I cannot get this song out of my head. Enjoy!


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