Wanna hear a dirty joke?

I’ve been slowly switching my cleaning supplies to natural products. By that, I mean I use a lot of vinegar and baking soda and lemon juice in various quantities and solutions.

When you keep standard products around as most of us do, they release chemicals in the air even when they’re just sitting in the cupboard or pantry or wherever. That’s just not good for anyone, especially my 8,000 pets (three. I have three pets).

So I’m switching, but slowly. I’m not about to throw away the products I’ve already purchased, so I’m going to keep on using them until they’re gone.

While baking soda is great for the things I have to scrub (bathtub, burners, sinks), vinegar is awesome at removing stains and odors (the vinegar smell fades pretty fast), and lemon juice is a nice smelling disinfectant, I still haven’t found a good solution for 1. the toilet, and 2. the soap scum that builds up on the shower curtain. I’ll probably experiment in the future, but for now I’m going to keep on rockin’ the Soft Scrub. I also need to find something better than Windex for the windows and mirrors.

Scrubbing the kitchen floor with vinegar and lemon juice is sort of magical. It actually shines when I’m done. Way better than whatever is on the Swiffer mop cloths.

A bonus to this switch is the expense. Standard cleaning products cost so much more than baking soda and vinegar. Lemon juice varies, but it’s still cheaper than some other things out there.

And now I have a sudden urge to clean the kitchen.


5 thoughts on “Wanna hear a dirty joke?

  1. Phoenix

    I just throw my shower curtain in the washing machine… that seems to work fine.

    For glass, I use Method’s glass cleaner. It may not be as natural as vinegar, but it’s a lot better than Windex.

    1. Katrina Post author

      The washing machine, eh? Our fabric curtain is machine washable, but I’m not sure about the plastic one, which is the one I’m concerned about. For now I just take Soft Scrub to it.

  2. Jennafer

    This is an awesome idea…and as for the windows…look for Seventh Generation and Earths Best. I believe they are both chemical free…we sell them both at my work. We actually use the Earths Best at work also. I think it smells awful. But some people really like it.
    Just another solution… 🙂


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