All the candy corn that was ever made was made in 1911.

Spent a lot of time in the kitchen this weekend.

I made yogurt yesterday, although I did it in my [smaller] crock pot so that required little actual work on my part. I haven’t tried any yet, but I’m optimistic.

Today I set out to make two recipes: Saltine Toffee Candy from Budget Bytes and Salted Caramel Spread from Design*Sponge.

The toffee went off without a hitch, even though I’m not sure I boiled the caramel for the right amount of time. I may have walked away for the stove “just for a minute” and gotten distracted. Regardless, it turned out fine and it tastes like a party in my mouth. I used walnuts on top because Darren doesn’t like coconut.

Saltine Toffee

The spread was a bit trickier. I don’t know that I’ve ever caramelized white sugar before and I tried twice before I gave up and just used brown sugar. Despite using a thermometer and following the instructions exactly, the sugar kept crystallizing.  In retrospect, I should have used it for rock candy. My bad.

Anyway, used brown sugar and it worked perfectly. I’m waiting for it to cool, but taste tests indicate success. The recipe yielded three 8 ounce jars – one for us and one for each set of parents.

Caramel Spread

Now I’m going to spend the rest of the evening lazing around watching Ugly Betty on Netflix. Also, trying not to eat all the toffee.


4 thoughts on “All the candy corn that was ever made was made in 1911.

    1. Katrina Post author

      I can do that. I intend to bring it to every gathering I’m invited to ever, or until I find a more amazing treat. Which I don’t think could possibly happen.

      1. Katra

        So when I came home this weekend my ma was like, I totes made toffee with saltines! And didn’t we already eat our way through two batches? Aren’t I trying to talk Kelsey into buying more chocolate chips so we can make more before I go?

      2. Katrina Post author

        Isn’t it SO GOOD? I’m going to make more to take with us up north this weekend.

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