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I spent all day in the kitchen yesterday dealing with the 5 or so pounds of rhubarb I picked up at the Farmer’s Market. With it I made the following:

  • Strawberry Rhubarb Sauce (I had some in my yogurt this  morning, along with Grape Nuts. MAGIC (confession: it was actually failed jam)).
  • Orange Rhubarb Jam (success!)
  • Rhubarb Pie (except I don’t own a pie pan so I had to improvise with an 8×8 baking dish. It worked out just fine).

I also made a loaf of Italian Herb bread, which is probably going to be a large part of tonight’s dinner.

I have extra jam and sauce to take up north this weekend for all the parents. That, plus the caramel spread I made previously, plus more Saltine toffee to be made sometime this week.

I feel like this is turning into a food blog. It’s not, really. Probably not.

Although apparently some ladies that Darren works with want me to make peanut butter cups or some such thing for someone’s birthday? I wonder if they realize how ridiculously easy they are to make. They could probably do it themselves.

Anyway, not much going on this week, except I scored some free tickets to tomorrow’s Twins game so Darren and I will rock that. Otherwise, bumming around until we head up to the Motherland on Friday. Darren’s parents are going to be up at the “cabin.” We haven’t seen them since August so that’s going to be awesome. Plus they’ll finally get to meet their grandpuppy (ha). And I’ll probably get to see my parents too, so hooray.

I’m just not going to think about the traffic we’ll have to deal with.


One thought on “Food Blog

  1. Becky

    We’ve got pie plates over here! We’d lend you some, specially if they came back with pie in them (^_^)


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