Come on, let your colors burst

We went up to the “cabin” this weekend for some much needed (if not expensive, oops) downtime.

Darren took the van in for an oil change on Friday and surprise! the sway bar was cracked. $200 gone, plus it means we left town later than we’d hoped.

There was a storm a-brewin’, see. It was heading right for us and Darren wanted to outrun it. We left an hour and a half later than planned and paid for it. Kind of.

We hit traffic just as we got out of Minneapolis. Not regular holiday traffic, but pavement failure. It was so hot that the road broke. We made it past that and everything was just fine as we drove into this:

it was scarier in person

We got up around Rogers and things started looking bad. We hit another traffic jam as the wind picked up and things started swirling. A lot of cars were getting off the freeway or stopping under overpasses. Not us. Darren was in Flee Mode and we bolted. It was pouring rain for a while and visibility was something like five feet.

Traffic was at 20 mph for a while. By the time we got to Clearwater, the rain had mostly stopped but the wind was still kicking ass and we could see the storm coming up behind us. Fleeing again, we made it into Brainerd and the storm had cleared. The sunset was lovely.

of course there was fire (every night)

The rest of the weekend was super awesome, albeit quite hot. We got to see my family – Tyler was home for the weekend, and he took me off-roading in his giant green truck.

We got to see Jakson, who is getting very big.

We had coffee with the Joneses (hooray!), saw Darren’s parents, sisters, and grandparents, and hung out with various members of my family. There was also plenty of relaxing.

We saw a movie (Bad Teacher. It was okay. I’d say rent it), ate pizza, wandered around the dying mall, got sun burns, played with the dog, and drank a lot. Darren’s dad took us out in the boat yesterday and engine problems almost left us stranded. We managed to get back to shore and left late, again.

We made it home in 2 1/2 hours and I took the best shower ever before we were randomly invited to the neighbors’ house for a bonfire. Enli and their dog, Tank, like to play, so we had more beers and watched all the neighbors light fireworks, and went to bed too late.

My sunburn is itchy and we spent way more money than we should have (the car repair didn’t help), but I think we needed the mini vacation more than we expected.

Tonight I am going to bed early. The end.


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