Swimming through birch and bark

It’s been a pretty slow week, hence the lack of updates.

There’s construction happening at work. We’re downsizing out suite now that half the office has relocated and we don’t need or want to pay for all the extra space. So the construction is mostly just noisy and messy. Today, however, a cordless drill came crashing through my ceiling. So that was something. Nothing by the ceiling tile sustained any damage (or injury).

This weekend I’m heading north again, this time with a bunch of ladies. Kate’s birthday is tomorrow (!) and we’re celebrating with a long weekend at her grandparents’ cabin. There will be skinny dipping. It’s supposed to be hot as balls all weekend. it’s supposed to rain too, but you can bet your bottom dollar (what?) that sa long as there’s no lightning, I’ll still be in that water.

I must remember to pack Kate’s gift tonight. Also the brownies that I made. Brownies! In my haste to get them in the oven, I forgot to add walnuts. I think they’ll still be awesome though.

Darren has to hold down the fort at home. I think he’ll manage. I suspect I’ll come home to find him playing video games in his underwear.

Too much?

Here is a sneak peek at Kate’s present, complete with a handmade bow.


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