dirt roads, swamps, lakes, woods

Not having a phone is super annoying.

Oof. So I took last Friday off so I could roll up north with Kate, Becky, Dims, and Asari for Kate’s Birthday Weekend Extravaganza. We left at about 6:45 on Thursday and made it to her grandparent’s home/cabin at… well, I don’t know when. Pretty late, because we made a few stops. Twice because the diver’s side windshield wiper fell off.

Here I am trying to reattach the wiper. Photo shamelessly stolen from Kate.

We thought we got it fixed but were clearly wrong, because as I noted before it fell off a second time. So we drove on and hoped it didn’t rain any harder.

Once we got there, we sat around eating and entire pan of brownies. Friday was spent sleeping late, swimming, enjoying a visit from Heather, skinny dipping twice, drinking, and eating more than necessary. Also rowing, particularly when Kate and I were attempting to bring Heather to the sand bar but the wind was so strong we were basically rowing in place.

Saturday was much of the same, only minus Heather and skinny dipping but plus Kate’s dad and his boat and tubing that left me sore for a few days.

There were s’mores and hot dogs, cucumber salsa and dill pickle dip, sangria margaritas, late nights, and a chicken puzzle.

Here are some phone pics- the last ones taken before it’s untimely death.

Drink-in-a-Mug and Dims’ sunglasses.

Wulfs! And I probably should have cropped out Dims’ bum.

Nearing sunset.

I came home and learned that we suddenly have to pay a $200 pet deposit for our dog, and the landlords are adding $40 a month for pet rent. That kind of killed my weekend. But whatevah! The awesome things in life tend to make up for the lame stuff.

In other news, I came across the book I made of our wedding cards (our anniversary is very soon!). Kyle wrote a joke in the one from him and Jenna:

Q: What’s blue and smells like red paint?

A: Blue paint.

You’re welcome.


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