America’s laughed enough.

I haven’t had much to post about recently, so… sorry about that, I suppose.

Here’s a picture of my dinner tonight. It’s summer squash from a coworker’s garden.

And here’s a bonus picture of the weird red marks on my thumbs that I should probably see a doctor about, because they seem to have spread a little (to two more fingers on my left hand, but the spots are little and I’m just trying to justify not having called the doctor yet… /run on)…

I thought they were bug bites, because I got them at the lake. I guess they could still be bug bites, but something worse than mosquitoes. They don’t itch, and the left thumb one only hurts if I spend too much time poking at it. Which can’t be helped, because it happens whenever I pick up a pen.

ANYWAY. Enough about my hand spots. You know what’s awesome? Grilled squash. The end.

Oh, PS, I have a phone again. In case you weren’t aware.


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