Doctor Who and Tumblr are taking over my life

and that’s really all there is to it.

I had a  most excellent weekend, though. Friday was Heavyweights night. Kate, Amanda, and I acquired large sandwiches other delicious treats, and gathered in their living room to watch, well, Heavyweights. Obviously. Also, Iron Giant.

Saturday, Darren and I went to lunch at a disappointing local Vietnamese place. We probably won’t be back. Trieu Chau forever. Then, after an afternoon with the Doctor, I joined Kate, Becky, Asari, and others for 1: a Fringe show, and 2: Asian karaoke. The show, Minnesota Middle Finger, was delightful. Asian karaoke was ridiculous and awesome. It takes place in rooms off of a hair salon, which is upstairs from a Korean restaurant. Shady, yes. But much fun. Bonus point for Becky picking up beverages to sneak in.

Then Kate and I headed off to the Rec, where Becky eventually joined us. We took over the jukebox, I drank too much, and I scolded some dude for putting his hand on my thigh.

Sunday I had an epic hangover, but it didn’t stop the goodness. Sunday, you see, was me and Darren’s first anniversary. We decided to re-create our first date. So we hopped over to the Mall of America for burgers at Johnny Rocket’s. Then, when we discovered that the movie times were not favorable, we headed home and I mostly laid in bed waiting for my hangover to go away until it was movie time. We went over to Roseville and I picked up some trinkets at Forever 21 (I felt like an asshole amongst all the 16t year old girls, but their jewelry is adorable and cheap) before hopping over to the theatre for Horrible Bosses. I recommend the movie, by the way.

So I guess I’m not completely consumed by the internet, but how do you think I spend my weeknights? Well, let me just tell you that I’m ending this post now so I can unpause my Netflix. Thank you and good night.


5 thoughts on “Doctor Who and Tumblr are taking over my life

    1. Katrina Post author

      I’d heard of Pinterest but never gave it much thought. Until now! This could become a new obsession. Not that that’s a problem.

  1. Jennafer

    I like Forever 21…but yes. Go on a busy Saturday and I feel like I have to pretend I am shopping for my sister or something!


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