rock me tender in the night air

If you’ve seen my kitchen, you know that it really kind of sucks. It’s small and lacks both counter and storage space. However, it’s supposedly an eat-in kitchen, so there’s an open spot against one wall.

We acquired a small butcher block/cart thing which provides extra storage and a place for the cats to eat (we keep their food up so the dog can’t get to it), and that + the dog’s food area + trash can basically filled the space.

But! Darren brought me home a rocking chair last week. I’ve been wanting one for a while. It needs to be re-painted, as its previous owners did a really slapdash job of throwing on some white paint. Anyway, it didn’t fit in the living room very well, so I moved some stuff around a little and now I have a rocking chair in the kitchen. It’s basically the greatest thing ever. Waiting for the oven to preheat? Rock. Husband is cooking and you want to hang out? Rock. This morning I ate cereal and rocked.

This isn’t really going anywhere. I just want to throw this out there: rocking chair. Kitchen. Advisable.


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