Our State Fair is a great State Fair

Today was Fair Day with the Wulf family. Kate, Kelsey, Jim and I rolled onto the fairgrounds at approximately 8:00 this morning and ate our way through the park. Possibly twice.

We share food to maximize consumption. I’m… I’m just going to make a list. I posted all the photos to Tumblr.

  • mini cinnamon rolls
  • footlong hot dog
  • mini donuts
  • beef jerky
  • cream puffs
  • deep fried pickles
  • raspberry sundae
  • giant pulled turkey sandwich with cranberry and brie
  • macaroons
  • deep fried cookie dough
  • lemonade
  • corn fritters
  • fried green tomatoes
  • another footlong
  • 1919 root beer
  • grilled corn on the cob
  • gyro
  • sweet corn ice cream topped with honey butter & bacon
  • frozen chocolate banana
  • deep fried Snickers bar
  • bull bites
  • Mexican horchata
  • bloomin’ onion
All this food and drink, plus lots of water. We wandered through most of the exhibits and watched some of the many performances happening around the grounds. Kate and I slid down the giant slide and couldn’t believe we had never done so in the past.
It was an awesome day and I am exhausted, so this abbreviated entry is all you’re getting. The fair is on for one more week, so go if you can.

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