Wishlist Wednesday + some bitching

Before I get into the main purpose of this post, I have a story for you. And by story, I mean I need to whine about something.

Yesterday morning I left home an hour early so I could hit the gym before work (by far my favorite time to go). My first bus, the 67, was totally late. This makes me angry, because when the 67 is late, odds are I will miss a well-timed 50, and ultimately my workout will be cut short. So when  I exited the 67 at University and Prior at a time later than when my usual 50 arrives, I was not happy as I walked toward the stop.

But then, it appeared. The 50 was just a little bit late, and I could totally make it if I ran swiftly up the street and across the intersection to the stop. So I did. Unfortunately, construction debris caused me to land one of my strides all funky and mow my left foot hurts like balls.

Alas, my feet get a lot of use, and I am still limping today.

The other thing about the construction is it causes huge backups during afternoon rush hour and I almost always end up missing the 67 going home, usually by less than a minute, and the next one doesn’t come for half an hour. I’m excited for the new light rail, but this construction is ruining my life. or at least my commute.

Wow. That lasted longer than I intended.


Wishlist Wednesday is apparently a thing in some corners of the Internet. Home decor is a Thing I Love, but sadly can’t afford much of. However, Darren and I are in the market for some new-but-inexpensive furniture items, so we’re planning to hit Ikea sometime this weekend. Partly for shelves for our living room, partly for a new chair for him, and partly to sit on some couches:

I’m a fan of the Karlstad in medium grey

I’ve been eyeing this guy for a while. It’s simple and affordable. I’d add some big fluffy pillows.

Kivik in grey-brown

I came across this one today and added it to my list of front-runners.

I also dream of replacing our current rug. We have a big, inexpensive, and darkly colored rug from Target right now. It worked well in our old apartment, but it makes our current living room feel smaller. I found some new favorites at Ikea and Macy’s:

Alvine rug from Ikea

I think this one is fantastic, but I suspect the pets would eat the fringe.

All from Macy’s.

Argh, decorating is expensive. But fun. One day when we have more money, I will do amazing things to our home. until then: wishlist. And Pinterest. Yes.


3 thoughts on “Wishlist Wednesday + some bitching

  1. Abigail (@skywaitress)

    Those couches are fun. I used to hate Ikea’s couches because they were always hard and uncomfortable. Over the last couple of years they’ve added a lot of really comfy ones though.

    P.S. I’m so glad you de-lurked on my blog. I’ve been reading through your lists and things for the last 45 minutes and I love it! Are you on twitter?

  2. Jennafer

    I agree that furniture things are fun…but too pricey. We have a whole ‘nother livingroom to furnish and our couches we bought just over a year ago are starting to crap out on us already…stupid clearance center…we thought we got a deal…turns out we walked out the fool. lol. I also really like Ikea couches but I found it weird that the backs of them are below shoulder height…but I guess it has been awhile since I have looked…perhaps they have changed…and Kyle is super picky which makes it also difficult.

    Oh..and I like first rug..and wishlist Wednesday!


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