Our new furniture has been acquired. We replaced our old, sad, ugly couch with this:

Darren preferred the darker fabric, which is fine by me. Enli is sleeping on it right now so I think she approves.

Darren replaced his torn up old gaming chair with this:

And we got rid of our torn up Target rug. We haven’t replaced it with anything;  that’s not really a priority since we have carpet.

We picked up some basic black Lack wall shelves as well, which we still have to hang.

Unfortunately, all the new furniture makes my ugly-but-comfortable Goodwill chair look even worse. I might look into having it reupholstered, but honestly, it would be cheaper to just replace it. We’ll see.

I’m starting to like our living room a lot more. Now if we could just tidy up all the wires around our TV/Darren’s computer, that would be wonderful. Also, new curtains. One thing at a time, y’all.


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