humble nest

Well! Productive day. Weekend, really.

Friday evening we headed up to Pequot and stayed at my parents’ house so Darren could get up early Saturday to help haul in docks at the “cabin.” The dog and I sat around at the house all day while mom worked. Kate came over (hooray!), Darren finished his tasks pretty early, and we all watched movies. Oh cable, how I’d missed you.

We drove back home last night so we could sleep in our own bed.

Today I finally took a carload of clutter to Goodwill. Of course that necessitated a stop inside as well. I left with a pretty scarf, a new planter for one of my succulents (I’ll have to pick up a generic planter for the second succulent tomorrow. I’m hoping replanting prevents untimely deaths), and a large picture frame for a project that’s been on the back burner for months.

With that frame, a burlap coffee bag, and some vintage buttons, I made this:

Also, Ringo says hello.

I didn’t realize I had so few necklaces. I sense more in my future.

While I’m at it, I suppose I haven’t yet posted pictures of our new shelves, all hung and decorated.

Between the bookends: Darren’s D & D books.

Sorry for the crappy pictures. I tried to brighten them up a bit, but… well. Maybe I should stop being lazy and use an actual camera instead of my phone. But those are lofty aspirations for a Sunday night.

Anyway, the “nerd” bookends were made with generic metal bookends from Office Depot, and the letters came from Joann’s. Plus some hot glue. Easy peasy. The idea for that arrangement of yellow balls came from here.

That’s all I’ve got, y’all. As usual, the weekend was not long enough. But I’m looking forward to a week of warm weather, so I guess there are worse things.


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