Itty-Bitty Cookie Committee

Last Saturday (yeah, I’m a little behind) I spent most of the day in the kitchen. I mentioned all the baking supplies I acquired at that sample sale? Well, I put ’em to good use.

I had cookie dough in the freezer, so those were first.

Peanut butter chocolate chip

Now, it should be noted that these cookies were smaller than average.

Tiny cookies!

Shot of milk?

Cupcakes were next, complete with gratuitous batter photos.

My grandma’s old manual beater. Hand cranked. Awesome.

New mini muffin pan. Yus.

I need to work on the decorating part.

Lemon (mini) cupcakes!

Donuts were last. The recipe calls for buttermilk, and I have it in powdered form. Unfortunately, it had hardened. I managed to scrape out the few tablespoons I needed, but not without a casualty.

Goodbye, Ikea measuring spoon. You served me well.

My donut pan it tiny, so they’re a little more tedious. Also, I have yet to find a basic glaze recipe that I’m happy with. Even with modifications, it always tastes too sweet to me. I might just frost them from now on.


I sent almost all of the goodies to work with Darren, and it all seemed to go over well.

The reason for all the baking was so I could take pictures and finally create listings in my Etsy shop. Oh yes. There’s still nothing there. I’ve been lazy about editing the pictures, which is why this post is just happening now. I’m still not done with them, but… y’know. I’ll say something when there are finally things for sale.

I’ll probably sell more than just baked goods, although the treats are obviously the main focus. It’s just I seem to keep making things and it’s not all going to fit in my apartment. Example: I finished crocheting a blanket last night that will either be a Christmas gift, or something to sell. So, there that is.

In completely unrelated news, Katherine and her Darrin’s MN wedding reception was tonight and, like the asshole I am, I completely forgot about it. I had the postcard up on my fridge and I kept telling my Darren that we couldn’t forget. Lo and behold, forget we did. I was off shopping and he was playing Skyrim and neither of us thought anything of it until Katherine IMed me a few minutes ago. Ugh. I am the worst. I’ll have to send them something awesome to make up for it.


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