…and what have you done?

First off, Scancy had her baby today. Christmas Even baby! Very nice.

Darren and I rolled up to Pequot today for Christmas with my family. A certain brother of mine was not in attendance — apparently he was up last weekend.  Whatevs. My aunt Teri and her husband were also absent, which was a bummer. I guess they were up earlier in the week.

I was gifted many [cup]cake decorating supplies and a couple cookbooks. The coolest thing I acquired wasn’t actually a Christmas present.

Mom was down visiting her parents recently and was helping grandma clean out some stuff. Grandma told her that of she saw anything she wanted, to go ahead and take it. One thing she brought back was for me. It’s a blanket. She said grandma had started crocheting it back when mom was around eleven years old – forty years ago – but never finished it, so she brought it to me so I could do it instead. It’s almost done; the border is the only thing that’s mostly incomplete. It came with yarn and the original pattern. Pretty cool.

So anyway, Christmas Eve was a success. We have no plans for Christmas proper: it will probably involve video games (for Darren) and crocheting and Neflix (for me. I’ve been watching Hoarders). Basically business as usual.

I hope you’re all having wonderful holidays.


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