Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.

I have five open spaces left on my 30 by 30 list, but I’m already making progress on it. It’s nice to have goals, and crossing things off lists might be one of my favorite things.

Number 3 is “love my skin.” I did some research several weeks ago and picked out cleanser, scrub, and moisturizer that was recommended for my skin type. It hasn’t been long enough to really notice any changes, but I feel better just making the effort.

Number 10 is “find my perfect shade of lipstick.” I’m still going to do some experimenting, but Revlon’s Blushing Nude is freaking fantastic. Rose & Shine is the exact same color as my actual lips. That was special. I’ll still use it because I spent the money, and I think there might be some sparklies in it. But still.

Still going strong on 12, which is Project 365.

Finally, number 23 is “get new glasses.” I’ve got an appointment with the optometrist on Monday, and I’ve picked out the frames I’ll be purchasing from ZenniOptical.com:

So. There you have it. Hipstery!

As far as life goes, not much to report. Darren got promoted a few weeks ago and he’s much happier in his new position– no more customer service! Kate is moving back to St. Paul in a matter of days, which is excellent. I have a date with Kelsey tomorrow, which is random but also excellent. I think I was maybe her last resort. Maybe not. I’m cool with it either way. I’m watching The Benson Interruption on Netflix to prepare, because it’s been a long time since I watched/heard any Doug Benson comedy. Related: I miss having real cable.

Aaaaand, I bought a maxi dress. Yes, let us talk about clothes for a minute. I was afraid of maxi dresses. But this sucker is so comfortable.

Here is the pic from Target’s website

Taking photos of myself is difficult, but I tried:

I promise that hat actually sits normally. Angle = bad.

Uh, yeah. This is why I will never be a fashion blogger. Still, I totes styled this bad boy. Except, lighting, guys. My apartment doesn’t have it. Especially at night. Whatever, can we just look at my shoulders for a second? They’re lookin’ NICE. I only hope similar improvements start appearing in my midsection area.

Also, I did not intend to stand like the dress model.

Anyhoodle. This weekend brings grilling, Kelsey, Doug Benson, and stealthily acquiring quarters from the machine at the laundromat up the street because I forgot to go to the bank today. Plus, as always, plenty of Netflix. And probably gin. Can’t complain.


4 thoughts on “Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.

  1. skywaitress

    I love that dress! So cute. I wish I could pull of maxi dresses, unfortunately I’ve never found one that wasn’t too long on me. Oh well.

  2. Katra

    Kels tells me you were in fact, her second choice, which is not first choice, but a long way from a last resort.

    Cute dress!

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