his daughter is 20 years of snow falling

Today marks 20 years since my dad’s death. I think I write something about it almost every year, but I felt like 20 years is the kind of milestone that requires particular attention.

I don’t really know what to say, though.

Last year I wrote this thing about it over on Band Back Together. I have posted this video or the lyrics on more than one occasion.

All I can really think to say is I sometimes consider how different my life would have been if he had survived. Or, you know, if no one even burned down our house in the first place.  I probably would have stayed in Wisconsin, gone to college there, and be about a million times different than I am today. I obviously don’t like that I lost my father, but I like who I am. People say everything happens for a reason, and maybe that’s true. But never without sacrifice.

with Scooter the cat. Also, an amazing beard.

12/13/1988 – his birthday.

March 1992


2 thoughts on “his daughter is 20 years of snow falling

  1. Jennafer Olson

    Isn’t it seriously crazy how everything makes such a big impact on who we are? I am really sorry for you’re guy’s dad. I bet he was an awesome guy judging from knowing you two.

    I can only know my pain…and I know that it is tough…I can’t even imagine what you guys had to go through. At least we are not in this alone…right?

    I think that it is so crazy to think of all of the things that had to happen in order for you to even meet Darren (and me Kyle) had all those things not been in place…I know for a fact I would have never met Kyle.

    And yes…it all happens for a reason and that is what we need to tell ourselves…especially when it makes the least sense. 🙂

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