Green was the silence, wet was the light; the month of June trembled like a butterfly.

It’s weekends like this that remind me how great Minnesota summers are.

Friday night, Kate and I went to a going away party for Shelly, who is moving to Arizona. I failed to take any pictures of the event. I also left a pan of brownies there, which I somewhat regret. I’ll have to get my pan back from Eric at some point. And then make more brownies, because they were delicious. After the party, Kate and I sat on her porch for people-watching outside the bar. It was chode night at the Rec, and I’m glad we weren’t there.

As for yesterday, here are some photos.

Lake Josephine

Kate, Amanda, Susanna, Christine, and I squeezed into one car and headed to the lake for a few hours. After being very diligent about sunblock reapplication, I managed to avoid burnination. I achieved a slight tan, actually, which is a nice change from the ghostly winter hue.

We stopped for ice cream when when left. Worth noting because ice cream is never not delicious.

I took an accidental nap when I got home, and then Darren and I went to the Rec for a celebration thing. The crowd was small and not made up of frat boys, thank goodness.

I snapped some pictures of bathroom graffiti.

There are a lot of ridiculous thing written in the ladies’ room. It makes me curious about the mens’. Not curious enough to find out.

We got charged for more drinks than we ordered, so I’m hoping I secretly paid for friends’ drinks and not the drinks of strangers. We left earlier than usual and got to bed at a reasonable enough time for a Saturday night.

Today: gyro brunch (Dino’s opens at 10! Come on. 10:30 gyro breakfast FTW), grocery shopping, sitting in air conditioning. I did manage a workout, just because the 30 Day Shred is mercifully only 20 minutes long. I don’t think Jillian would approve of my food/drink choices this weekend, but I’ll make up for it during the week. Probably.

I want to win the lottery so I can spend all summer just like this.


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