your songs remind me of swimming

I’ve been neglectful, and for that I am sorry. It mostly just means I haven’t had any stories.

But! This past weekend was Kate’s birthday, and with that comes our annual trip to the Wulf Den.

Kate, Rebekah, Amanda, Susanna, and I rolled north Friday morning to spend a few days at the lake. We were joined Friday night by Heather and Stephanie, and Marsha (and her baby!) swung by for a few hours on Saturday.

Sadly I did not take many pictures. We spent most of our time in the water, and who wants to ruin their camera like that?

That said, I do have a few Instagram goodies that I managed to snap.

We stopped at Treasure City.

We made a pit stop at Treasure City in Royalton, because why not? If you haven’t been there, stop by. It is insanity.

Shark treasure.

They have so many treasures.

We had to stop for some groceries before we got to the cabin. These groceries consisted of a few fruits and veggies, but mainly s’mores stuff and Oreos. And liquor.

Triple Decker Double Stuf

These are a thing.

After some swimming and drankin’, there were shenanigans. Including, but not limited to, drunk headstands. I have photos of ALL the headstands, but here is mine.


Alas, after Friday no pictures were taken. But there was plenty of eating, drinking, and merrymaking. And skinny dipping, natch.

We returned to St. Paul on Sunday afternoon. I am still tired.

This weekend? Toga party.


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