vanity post

If we’re friends on Facebook or Twitter (or, you know, real life), you probably heard that we put one of our cats down this week. I intend to post about it soon, but I kind of can’t right now. I put up a brave front but my heart is pretty broken. Ugh.

In the meantime, I have a frivolous update. Wee! I scheduled another Stitch Fix this month, and it arrived this week.

Clockwise from top left: tunic w/ crochet details, peacock colored dress, crochet cardigan, bright-ass top with lace, & nifty stacking rings

I neglected to write down specific item details this time, but y’know.

So I kept the tunic and I’m totally wearing it right now.

I am awkward.

Just don’t look at my face. This is at the gym and I totally got busted taking this photo. Wow. But! Also featured are the BRAND NEW boots that I found at Goodwill yesterday for $7. Go me.

Anyway, about the rest of the items:

The dress was amazing. Amazing. But it was clearly meant for someone with a smaller chest than me, and didn’t fit that area right at all. Which sucked because man, so pretty.

The cardigan was okay, but the kimono sleeves made me look wide.

The pink top just looked doofy. It’s cut pretty short, so my torso looked small and it just didn’t work.

The rings were cute but I just don’t wear a lot of rings so the cost was not justifiable.

And there it is. Fun!

A lot of stuff is going on this weekend – can you say TOGA PARTY? – so I might have more stories in the future. Plus the depressing kitty post. Oof.


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