of Instagram and bullet points

  • A lot of people in the last week have been finding this blog with search terms related to “ugly couch.” What? We used to have an ugly couch, but I think it’s been like a year.
  • Kate and I took a random adventure to Wisconsin a few weeks ago. It mostly involved bars.

  • I have twice attempted to get a tattoo. I was thwarted both times. Next time I’m making an appointment like a normal person.
  • Everyone’s cats are dying. First Jack, then our Buck, then Grendel, and now Bella. It’s breaking my heart. Stop the madness!
  • It was our second wedding anniversary on Tuesday. We celebrated by spending a lot of money. Also, eating amazing sushi. And Darren bought a shitload of tea.

  • Kate and I went to a St. Paul Saints game tonight. They lost, but it was amazing.

Tomorrow is Irish Fair. Yay!


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