Hard times ain’t gonna rule my mind, Bessie.

Things have been a little bit ridiculous for the last couple weeks.

On September 11 Darren lost his job and I nearly had a panic attack because of it. After he told me, I spent 24 hours in a state of horror, until he found work. Right. He’s working a very intermittent job painting houses – we’re talking two days a week so far, even though it was supposed to be full time. He doesn’t know for sure if he’ll be working this week at all, but it’s helped anyway. A little cash is better than none, obviously. He’s applying all over the place and had a couple interviews this week (for the same job, one with the recruiter and one with the actual company). Hope, hope. We’re just trying to push through. We’re good for now, but in a few weeks we’ll have to start tightening the budget. Not that we aren’t already. Blurg.

In the meantime, I’ll be taking on a second job. I start at Macy’s on Saturday, and am both excited and terrified. I love Macy’s and I’m excited to work there (handbag department, WHAT UP), but we’ll see how I do with managing two jobs. Fortunately the hours at the location I’ll be at are better than most retail, so even if I have to work after work (y’know?), I’ll get home at a reasonable enough time.

Right. Enough of that. Hard times are a bummer but we’ve always made it through. Darren said the other day that he thinks this will end up working in our favor in the long run, and I agree.

A couple Sundays ago I went with Jenna and her bridesmaids to try on dresses (for those not in the know, Jenna is my brother’s fiancee and she is awesome). After trying on a boatload of pretty dresses, we all liked the same one. The bridesmaids will be in different-but-coordinating colors, and I’ll wear grey to match the groomsmen because I am one. Yes! The wedding is in a year so y’all get to wait for pictures.

Dad’s old shop sign in Kyle’s garage

There was a Rave-themed party at Casa Como on Saturday, and it was glorious. As usual, all my photos are from Instagram. I know, I know. Forgive me?

Eric’s silver face and my 90s raver-kid inspired getup.

The rest of my ensemble: tulle and Chucks. Not pictured: two pairs of leggings. It was cold!

I invested (read: on sale at Target) in a few pairs of tights for fall and some leopard print loafers for new-job comfort, so I’ve been looking fancy in spite of the madness. Gotta live for somethin’.

Auditions for Prospero‘s staged reading of “8” are this weekend, so aside from work that’s mostly what I’ll be doing. Fortunately “work” is paperwork and training videos, so nothing strenuous prior to several hours of…  well, hopefully busy-ness (come audition! We need lots of dudes). In theory, the rest of my time will be spent watching season five of Gossip Girl on Netflix so I’m caught up for the season 6 premiere next week.

This is my life.


One thought on “Hard times ain’t gonna rule my mind, Bessie.

  1. Marsha McMillen

    😦 Sorry to hear that about Darren’s job. Not fun. I hope he can get into something more enjoyable in his interests in the near future. As they say, its just another bump in the road… Although some bumps seem like mountains.. I totally know exactly what you and Darren are going through in regards to finances though. We are in the exact same boat, different circumstances. Wayyy too long a situation to even remotely exlain at the time being. Some other time. Hang in there. One door may close, but there are lots of other doors out there :p Good luck with your new job.

    Ps- I miss you.


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