The Remedy

Last night I ended up with some sort of chemical burn on my fingers.

I’m a bit unclear on the details, even though they are my fingers. it was mild; there was no visual evidence except a little redness, but mother of god did it hurt.

I had been using using oven cleaner – with gloves, mind you – and I must have somehow gotten some on the thumb, pointer, and middle fingers of my right hand. Despite washing my hands multiple times, including in the shower, there was still burning. Oh, the burning. Cold water and an ice pack relieved some of the pain, but the relief didn’t last. On the contrary, the burning sensation somehow traveled to the same fingers on my left hand. Double the agony.

Anyway. Long story short, I finally alerted Darren to my predicament and he suggested soaking my poor finger tips in vinegar.

Well. It worked. After all that misery, that mofo suggests a trick he learned from Fight Club and it worked. I did have to do a second vinegar soaking at like 1:00 in the morning, but I fell asleep pain free and my poor fingers are just fine today.

Seriously. Fight Club.


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