We’ve come a long way, baby.

If I had been thinking, I’d have posted this on our engagement-versary.

There’s a thread on a forum I read about proposals. It’s super sweet and I’m a little tipsy, so EMOTIONS.

Anyway, I posted Darren’s proposal. It occurred to me that I maybe never really blogged about it, so I’m reposting here:

It was a very cold day at the end of September 2009. We were in our living room, watching a rerun of The Office (you should really read the synopsis). I was in a hoodie and sweatpants, he was in boxer briefs and a t-shirt. We were living in a 450 sq ft apartment with our cats. Our couches were set up in a L formation and we were each sitting on our own, holding hands.

Suddenly, he rolled off his couch and onto one knee. He said some very nice things that I don’t remember, and asked me to marry him. He didn’t have the ring yet; it was on its way. For the record, we had been discussing marriage for quite some time. I actually ordered the ring myself- it was custom made, based on a slightly different design the maker already had.

So he said all this stuff and I had to ask him a few times if he was serious. We’d both “proposed” to each other a few times, so I had to be sure that this was the real one. Obviously, no matter how unplanned it was on his part, he meant it.

It was not a fancy proposal, but I married him anyway. Who needs fancy?


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