I can haz lozenge?

Welp, I am sick. And I have to work the second job tomorrow through Sunday (on Sunday, I open AND close). Lame.

Prospero’s reading of “8” on Sunday went very well. Darren had to cover for an actor who got very ill the night before. It was obviously super last minute, but he did a nice job. We had a decent turnout and I thought the post-show discussion was just fantastic. Now I just hope Tuesday goes well. I love voting, and I have the night off, which means I can watch election results. This pleases me.

Every Halloween, the building that my office is in has a pumpkin contest. They just gave out the pumpkins on Monday, so I didn’t think we’d be able to submit anything. At about 10:00 this morning, I figured I’d throw something on there and call it good.

Behold, Paisley Pumpkin.

The result of 30 minutes and a few Sharpies.

Later in the day, UPS brought me something I’ve been patiently waiting for.


In July/August, I backed a Kickstarter campaign to help Bulgarian grandmothers establish a knitting business. I’m happy to report that the project was successful. Now I have these super awesome, handmade wool socks just in time for winter. My feet are going to be so cozy.

Bloc Socks is in the process of setting up their website, as well as an Etsy page. I wish them all the success. ALL of it.

Tonight I’m going to Target to stock up on illness supplies. Caffeine-free tea, Delsym, cough drops, etc. I must suppress this thing. I must.


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