Wearin’ my mask and lookin’ like a bear.

I had an amusing encounter with some raccoons last night.

Side note – apparently “raccoons” is not a word.

Anyway, I got off the bus after work. It was dark, and I saw a furry body running about on the corner of my street. At first I thought “is that cat crawling into the drain?” The answer was no. But that raccoon was. He watched me walk toward him for a bit, and then hid when I got too close.

Not five minutes later I left my building, this time with Enli in tow. It was walk time. And there in the yard, just off the parking lot, was a raccoon posse. There were four of them and they just stared at us. Until Enli tried to chase them, of course. Then they scurried off back to the drain. I could see one of them peering out at us as we walked past.

That was the last I saw of them.

St. Paul has drain raccoons. For some reason I am delighted by this.

Here is a related video.

You can tell I’m lacking ideas when all I have to offer is a story about how I saw some raccoons once.


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