At the end of the day there’s another day dawning

Good news! I’m not dying. I woke up yesterday feeling much better, and so I accomplished all I was planning to do.

First, Kate and I saw Les Miserables. Oh my god, I die. My feels. Ugh.

Most of the cast was outstanding. Russell Crowe was out of his league. Javert should be menacing, almost larger than life, and completely sure of himself. Crowe’s Javert was. . . well, not. His voice was not cut out for the role at all; Kate and I found ourselves laughing at some inappropriate points because he was just not pulling it off. Aside from goddamn Russell Crowe, I had two other issues: could’ve done with fewer close-ups, and the original song was so unnecessary and boring.

But the majority of the movie was so wonderful, all else is forgiven. Kate’s review says it all, so I’ll just go ahead and send you her way. Go see this movie. Do it.

After the movie and lunch (at Flame. Always delicious), we did some shopping. Hooray for Christmas monies! I found a couple tissue cardigans on sale for $5 each at Ragstock, plus a t-shirt with a knit back that I couldn’t say no to. We also hit World Market where I spent more money than I should have but not as much as I wanted to – seriously, I die for this headboard/bed frame. It also comes in a chair and a couch. But I made it out with just a couple candles (teak and sandalwood, so manly), a piece of bird-related decor, and three kinds of ginger candy because I have an addiction.

Finally, Target, because I had a gift card that needed using. Tank tops and the black boots I’ve been wanting and there is $1.01 left on said gift card.

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying my little Christmas vacation. It’s basically the best way to spend the holidays. I have to work at Macy’s tomorrow, but maybe it’ll be good for me. I mean I’d rather not, but it might help for when I return to work for real on the 2nd. The second! A new year is coming, y’all! Not that you weren’t aware.


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