What’s in a name

The time has come. We’ve been talking about getting another cat for a little while now, and Lucy is getting nutty without a playmate. The dog isn’t enough for her, it seems.

We picked out a cat tonight. They just got him in today and he won’t be getting neutered until Tuesday, so we can bring him home Wednesday.

the new one

Ugh, his face and eyes remind me of Buck. But this little dude is such a sweetheart. He wasn’t afraid at all, and immediately started purring and rubbing on us both. He’s currently called Danny, but since Darren has a sister named Dani we’re planning on changing it. Since Lucy has a normal name and Enli has kind of a weird one, we’re aiming for something punny. We have a list of ideas currently, and so I bring you a poll!


2 thoughts on “What’s in a name

    1. Katrina Post author

      It was a joint effort between me and Darren. Although a quick Goggle search shows that the rest of the internet is equally as clever. Not like that will stop us. 🙂


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