I was listening to this week’s episode of the Jillian Michaels podcast, and Janice was trying to make Jillian feel better about some stuff. She told Jillian to make a list of things she’s grateful for, to remind her that things aren’t all bad.

I was feeling a little stressed today, which is not uncommon, and I thought maybe Janice didn’t have a bad idea. Maybe once a week or so, I should sit down and list some things I’m grateful for. Perhaps Fridays would be a good day to do that. Maybe I can even blog it, and come up with some kind of snappy name. Maybe.

Well, it’s not Friday, but I can still start today. I do what I want.

So without further adieu, I bring you my to-be-named list of things I’m grateful for this week (so far).

  • I have new things that make me happy: a kitchen table and the laptop I’m typing on right now. New keyboard! Such an adjustment.
  • Work related: I finished all eleven contracts for our next Broadway season, so that’s off my desk.And that;s just nice.
  • Easter candy is here and it is delicious.
  • There are some moments when all of our pets are behaving. They are few and far between, but they happen.
  • Having my nights and weekends back.
  • As always, my family and my lovely friends. This is always true, regardless of whether or not I put it on any list. I have some awesome people in my life and will, of course, be forever grateful for them.

Will this be something I keep up? Who knows. But I like it for today.


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