Now I’m a believer

First, this link is worth a read. Tina Roth Eisenberg’s 11 Rules for Life & Work.

Nothing particularly exciting to report. I spent most of the weekend in various states of sitting, with two brief exceptions which involved vacuuming and baking cookies. Not at the same time. At one point I sat in a booth at Pizza Luce with Kate, which was a highlight.

Darren and I made a swift trip to IKEA on Thursday to exchange a faulty chair, and to get some new ones to go with the table I purchased a couple weeks ago. We left immediately after I got home from work, which meant that by the time we got out of the store we were starving. As we walked out to the parking ramp we were bitching about our hunger, and suddenly a package of Knackebrod fell from… I don’t know where. Perhaps the sky. Or the rafters, as there was still a roof over our heads. We picked it up, because it was clearly a sign from above and now obviously I believe in all things holy.


Twenty bucks for a package of big, dry crackers? Geez.

Right. So I didn’t do my little gratitude list thing last week because I am not very good at sticking to goals. Real talk, y’all. But here it is! It exists!

  • I had a $25 Michael’s gift card left over from Christmas, and I used it to buy a giant frame for the Doctor Who exploding TARDIS poster I’ve had sitting in the closet for like a year. Thanks to my cousin for the GC, and grateful for my addled mind finally realizing the perfect thing to spend it on.
  • I am grateful that at least one of our cats is not completely ridiculous (Lucy. Winston is psychotic).
  • Related: I’m so glad Enli has been aging so well. She’s not old yet, I just mean she’s a nicer dog now. 
  • I’m grateful for Lena Dunham’s Twitter feed, which I spent the better part of yesterday afternoon reading because work was so, so dead.
  • Not that I’m complaining about a slow day. Those are nice on occasion.
  • Quitting Macy’s was one of the smartest things I’ve done in terms of my own sanity.
  • Two words: Justin. Timberlake.


One thought on “Now I’m a believer

  1. Abigail

    I’m so glad you’re happy about quitting your job. I had a job that was so stressful I actually think it was killing me. Took me way too long to quit but when I finally did it was the biggest relief. I didn’t realize just how incredibly unhappy I was until I was out. Anyway, I’m glad you made the right decision.


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