c’mon holy ghosts

The best thing that happened to me this week was not having to work today. I was supposed to (we were going to be closing early), but so many people were taking the day off or working from home that my boss told me to take the day. Unexpected three-day weekend? Yes please. I did a little cleaning today and the dog was kind of a pain, but mostly it was just delightful.

What else? Had some quality lady-bro time on Sunday, went on an excellent date Tuesday. Slept like shit most of the week which was unfortunate and entirely the fault of two pets who shall not be named.

**I started writing this Friday evening, saved a draft, and it is now in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Oops.

Chris Messina playing a kind-of-bad guy on The Newsroom is a little bit of a bummer. But dang, I do love him. Related: I have spent the last couple days finally watching The Newsroom. Aaron Sorkin for the win.

I went to the bar with Darren tonight, against my better judgement. Any time I go to a bar that’s not the Half Time Rec it’s against my better judgement, really. Terrible DJ, to start, and when I ordered a gin & tonic I’m pretty sure they gave me gin and 7-Up. I actually had to ask Darren to taste my drink because I wasn’t even entirely sure there was alcohol in it. He assured me there was. Lesson: if you go to a shitty bar, just get your gin with a slice of lime.

Well, it feels about time to leave it to the bullet points:

  • Spending quality time with your lady-bros is the best
  • as is Thai food on date night
  • three day weekend
  • The Newsroom is good shit
  • I got a text from Kelsey that was just the best. I don’t have any actual sisters, but if I could I would chose those Wulf ladies.
  • gin. Gin gin gin. Oh! Related: my friend Jon and a good friend of his are starting a gin distillery. Super awesome.
  • Easter date in the morning. We’re going to Mickey’s

I wonder how soon Target will mark down their Easter candy…


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