It’s the standing still that should be scaring you instead

Look! Look at the address bar! Domain’d.

This week seemed to drag. It started well, with the birth of some babies. Hooray! Abigail (SkyMommy) and Joel (Daddy’s Grounded) welcomed Wesley on Sunday, and then a Facebook friend had her little girl on Tuesday. Exciting times. Lots of other babies are coming this year, too, including a friend of ours who is pregnant with twins. Twins are the best- this is a fact.



My blog broke yesterday. On my end, anyway. It’s fixed, though, so I guess why even mention it. But it happened! It was an event. It was actually a hassle, but I’m over it.

Work was a little ridiculous with a slew of visitors from our New York office. It’s nice that they’re able to come in every so often, especially since our market is pretty different than the other ones they work with, but it definitely throws things off. Plus it means that everyone else in the office is busy, but not me. Boooring. It’s a busy month, though, so I should maybe enjoy the slow days when I get them.

This week’s highlights:

  • The aforementioned babies
  • Easter brunch at Mickey’s with Mr. Baxter
  • Mid-week dress weather – I could do without today’s snow, though
  • I grabbed two things at the grocery store that are not part of our usual shopping list, and they are things I do not regret: goat cheese with cranberry, and German chocolate sandwich cookies. I’ve been eating the goat cheese with a fork.
  • I did a thing today… it’s a job thing that probably won’t come to any sort of fruition, but I took some advice from Ben Folds and did it anyway. Sometimes putting yourself out there and just taking a shot feels good.
  • A weird, random, huge spike happened in my blog traffic yesterday, which actually doesn’t seem to have anything to do with its subsequent breaking. Hello, new followers! How you doin’?

how you doin


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