Trying to reach infinity

I’m bored. Nothing is happening; the most exciting thing about this week so far is the new Keurig we purchased at work. Seems like a good time for a little check-in on the 30 by 30, eh? Warning: I gotta tell ya, this is not a very interesting post. Unless you’re into beauty products, I guess.

I’ve progressed nicely on #2, getting into better shape. I lost something like 17 pounds, and some of my muscles are way more defined. I can see abs! Or one, at least. maybe two. Plus biceps and stuff. Cool.

#3 is skincare stuff. I found a face wash I lurve, so that’s nice. Honestly if I could afford to buy everything from Origins I would, because I’ve only ever loved their products, but most of them are out of my price range. Someday.

#4, take myself on a date… ideas are churning. I mentioned this in a previous post.

#10, lipstick. I’ve been wearing two colors from Revlon: Blushing Nude, which is not at all nude, it’s definitely more… burgundy? and Rose & Shine, which is pretty similar to my actual lip color but it makes them nice and shiny, which I suspect is the purpose. I like both of them quite a bit, but now I’ve got my eye on a couple coral options.

And that is all. Clearly I have some work to do– there are more interesting things on that list, I promise, and when I get to those I will see if I can’t make the posts about them super awesome.

Bonus cat photo (I need to get more dog pictures up in here). The only way to keep Winston out of my way in the morning is to turn on the bathtub faucet.



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