We’ve got the guys who’ll knock the cover off the ball!

We went to a Twins game last night and it was awesome.

Darren’s office had a drawing yesterday afternoon for four dugout box tickets. Darren won because he was the only person to enter. I guess I understand, as it was pretty effing cold, but dugout box = access to a semi-private, heated concession area and bathrooms without lines.

After I got home from work I changed into wool socks, leggings, loose jeans, a tank top, a cardigan, and a hoodie (plus my coat, scarf, gloves, and floppy-eared winter hat) and we headed out. Since he had four tickets, Darren called his friend Ryne, and Ryne invited his buddy Pete. The four of us converged at Ryne’s house and cabbed it to the stadium.

Guys. Our seats were amazing. Right next to third base and this camera crew:



It was a great game, with some great hits from Joe Mauer. My boyfriend Justin got some good hits in, but not good enough to get past the Angels’ outfielders.

He doesn't know we're dating.

He doesn’t know we’re dating.

As you probably assumed, it got very cold once the sun went down. We spent some dollas on food and drink to keep us warm, but it was mostly the layers that did it.


Target Field stops serving beer after the 7th inning stretch. I resorted to coffee at 9 pm because it was warm. Warm and delicious and not super smart for that time of night.

I regret nothing.

So. When someone hits a foul, or after the end of an inning (or half of an inning), the players might toss the ball into the stands. Little kids would clamor up against the wall hoping to take advantage of the generosity. At the end of the 8th inning, one of the Twins (I don’t remember who, but I think it was Ryan Doumit) hit a foul in front of our section. It was quite clear that the Angels were about to lose and I don’t think they cared anymore. They were probably frozen. Anyway, which ever player grabbed the ball meant, I think, to toss it to the kids a couple rows behind us. But he just kind of lobbed it into the air, and it was falling straight at my head. With coffee and peanuts in my lap, all I could do was cower. Thankfully, my monster husband saved my skull.

d ball

He didn’t quite catch it, I think it fell through his hands, but Pete grabbed it off the ground and gave it to Darren.

The game ended just a few minutes later, with the Twins winning 8-2. We scurried out caught a cab back to Ryne’s to defrost. I went to bed way too late, but it was completely worth it. Hooray, sports.


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