This post is long and super whiny.

Yesterday was kind of… weak. After a couple weird things and several very little stupid things all came to pass, I was exhausted by the end of it.

Some random dude walked into the office yesterday and went off on me when I told him I didn’t keep business cards at the front desk. I mean, “fuck you, you’re worthless, you guys should close,” etc. He also let me know that he was going to tell me about someone he once met, but I wasn’t worth telling. Um, okay? It was a bizarre reaction, but fortunately brief. I did call building security when he left though, because they’re right down the hall and he went in their direction so I figured they should know dude was a nutter.

Then some shit went down on Facebook. Darren’s uncle did remove the comment and said he was sorry, he was just teasing Darren and didn’t mean to be offensive. I told him he should have found a better way to do it, rather than making a sexist comment, and that a grown man should know better. I thought that anyone who came across the thread after the comment had been deleted ought to know that what he said was, in fact, awful. He apologized again, and I am leaving it alone. I wasn’t a huge fan of the dude in the first place, but I let Darren know last night that I have no desire to interact with or be in the presence of the man in the future. I don’t need that bullshit.

Now I’ll take a break from the negative and talk about how I accomplished item #4 on my 30 by 30 list: take myself on a date. It was inadvertent: Kate was unavailable, Darren decided against attending (I knew he would), and Rebekah decided not to skip choir. By that time, it was after 5pm and I was on my own.

So I went to dinner and a show. My solo dinner at Rock Bottom was delicious, but a little boring. I sat at the bar, watched a little TV, played with my phone a bit, talked to the bartender on occasion, and enjoyed the hell out of my food. Good enough.

Mary Poppins began its week-long run at the Orpheum last night and of course I had to go. It was delightful as usual, but again I missed having someone to share it with. Especially at intermission when I was along in my row and was like… welp. I wish the kids behind me would shut up. But the show was lovely. Bert did the dance-on-the-proscenium thing for Step in Time, which is arguably the best number in the show. I mean, I started feeling a little unwell and considered leaving during intermission, but I didn’t want to miss friggin’ Step in Time. I love it so.

Anyway, mission accomplished. Dinner was awesome and the show was too, but I would have rather had company. Ah, well.

So, that was a little respite in the ridiculousness of the day. I did develop a headache and vague nausea during the show that lasted for the rest of my night, but I powered through. Even after one of the noisy, seat-kicking children behind me elbowed me in the back of my damn head. Parents, if your kids can’t sit through a 160 minute event, don’t take them.

Then it took 25 minutes to get out of the parking garage. I was expecting to wait; I didn’t plan on waiting that long. Ten of those minutes were spent in the exit line not moving at all. WTF. Once I was free of that hell, I was off to Taco fucking Bell because Darren had been jonesing for tacos all day and never managed to get them. So I told him I’d pick some up for him, horrible though I think Taco Bell is. And, at 11:30 pm, there was a ridiculous line at the drive through. Of course there was. Youths!

Once I made it through and headed home, I got stuck at a devil stoplight. The walk signal would change to the flashing hand, but then go back to a walk signal. It happened four times before I just hung a right and went around the damn block.

Then I was halfway though showering and the water went completely cold. One leg was shaved, the other was not.

In the end, I figured at least I was effing alive and well and sometimes we just have shitty days. I decided to set my alarm ahead an extra hour and a half because sleep makes things better.

Enli woke me up an hour before my alarm went off.

But I get cupcakes today, so hope is not lost.


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